About Us

Mapa Cosmetics manufactures in the field of disposable personal care and hygiene products. All products produced are of high quality and are manufactured in accordance with the world health and hygiene standards.

To add value to our customers with the highest quality production by using advanced technology in accordance with ethical values ​​with our experienced and expert staff. In order to meet the expectations of our customers and for the sustainable works in the developing guest equipments sector; With training, change and development programs, we are in a position to create a trustful communication at every stage of our service and to make all of this feel to our customers and employees.

Our understanding:
– Cost management
– Working with automation systematics
– The reality of terms and lead times
– Result and solution-oriented work system
– Trust is our main principles and point of view.

Quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of the age, to be satisfied and competitive in the form of superiority, customers and employees will be proud to be a company.